Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Top Vision offers best Distribution & Supply Chain Management, and Field Lifecycle Management expertise and experience in the service it provides. The company is able to sell and package its services in various ways that allow clients to choose their preferred benefit(s). We are top-notch service provider affianced in managing and providing solutions in distribution, POS acquisition, indoor and outdoor business promotion. Our services are widely catering to the requirement of Distribution and supply, and Field Force Management Sectors. We also offer customized solutions to our clients as per their requirements. Following are our major services

  • Retail/Merchant and Corporate Acquisition
  • Branding/Training
  • Product Distribution/Stock Management
  • Life-cycle Management

Marketing and Consultancy

Privately owned firm with dedicated, experienced cross-industry and cross functional resources focused on helping business and organization grow and expand as well as operate more effectively and profitably.
Over years of consulting and industry expertise in strategy, business process and change management, business process outsourcing, marketing sales, business development, technology with hands-on, integrated implementation unlike traditional consulting firms, we combine real world analysis and global problem solving experience with actual implementation

  • We provide expertise from strategy development through implementation
  • We understand what it takes to re-engineer processes and change behaviors
  • We help solve business changes and provide on-on-one couching
  • Our experience come from years of consulting for fortune companies across many
  • Mobile Money Strategic Consultancies
  • Printing and Production

Facilities Management Services

Creating a maintained, efficient working environment is usually one of the largest overheads facing a company. Responsibility for funding, planning, design and fit out – followed by the on-going support and servicing of the space – is costly and usually represents the largest financial expenditure after payroll.
At Top Vision, our aim is to provide you with a facilities management service to improve the daily running of your workplace and to reflect the image you want to create. We provide a complete range of services that relate to activities necessary for your company to function, providing you with a single point of contact for all your facility needs.
This is achieved successfully by integrating the Top Vision team with the client so that day-to-day interface is seamless and requires minimal client participation once installed.
Top Vision is committed to cost effective facilities management, providing the client with an improving level of service. We can achieve this by integrating with the client’s personnel, adopting a flexible approach and operating an open book policy between the client and Top Vision. We also provide a single monthly invoice, supported by a detailed financial summary of all costs incurred. Our services include:

  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Catering / vending
  • Security
  • Post Room services
  • Switch-board / Help desk management
  • Handyman, janitorial services
  • Internal office moves
  • Relocations

Tower OPEX Services

Top Vision is strong partner and with our unmatched skill sets and experience, excellent quality, and a proven record of success, we can help you grow your business by satisfying your infrastructure needs.
We offer you simpler budgeting through a tailored payment plan for the term of the lease – a safeguard for your cash flow and cash reserves, a faster time to market, and communication infrastructure when you need it and not when you can afford to build them. And the best…we take the risk for the tower site. With the advantages at hand, we are confident that our Tower Leasing Service will make a difference on your bottom line and quality of your service.
Below are just a few of our Tower Leasing Services:

  • Lease Rental – Our Lease Rental option allows you the immediate use of our equipment and the ability to upgrade with none of the depreciation costs associated with cash purchase
  • Master Lease – If you expect multiple installations over a period of time, this form of lease allows you to sign a single agreement and pay just one Direct Debit instead of several different ones
  • Cost Per Unit – You want to free up your resources from day-to-day operation and maintenance work on your tower infrastructure? Consider our Cost Per Unit option. A great way of focusing on the most important part of your business – your customers – our Cost Per Unit option provides you with a single bill including the machine cost, maintenance and all the required supplies as well as giving you the ability to easily measure the usage of the equipment.

Network Life-cycle Services include

  • Site Nominal Planning
  • Site Survey (RF and Microwave)
  • Site Acquisition
  • MW Transmission Network Design (MW Frequency Planning, Link Analysis)
  • Traffic and Coverage Analysis
  • Site Selection (Candidate Ranking)
  • System Design (Frequency Planning, Link Budgeting, Data Transcript Preparation)


Top Vision is run by a group of young afghan entrepreneurs who mainly focus on providing the best service in competitive market to its respected community for national & international clients. Top Vision has expertise in local freight Forwarding, International Freight, Custom Clearance, and General Supply provider at Afghanistan.

Main Area of SERVICES
1. Air Freight
2. Sea Freight
3. Land Transportation
4. Custom Clearance
5. Ware housing
6. General Supply

Fuel Supply

Top Vision supplies all below types of fuels according to Afghanistan’s norm standard And US government standard quality:

  • All types of Winterized and summer DIESEL FUEL (DF1/DF2)
  • All types of Winterized, summer and super PETROL/MOGAS.
  • All types of AVIATION FUEL, JET FUEL (TS1, GP8 etc).
  • Propane